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31 July 2016

Educate Yourself in Financial and Investments in Canada

Coming from a country where financial education was not the primary concern in the school curriculum, it was the reason why I didn’t learn finances and investment when I was still young.  

Yes, we have investments in class, as far as I can remember, but it’s all about the computation of interest, compounded, yearly, annually, principal, and etc… Those were the terms I learned in that era.  But what exactly was the practical meaning of those words?  How can we apply that in our daily lives?  Teachers should have taught us about stocks and mutual funds and how to apply it once we have the money to invest.

I really felt that I know a lot about investing, mutual funds, stocks and insurance when I was in the Philippines and in Singapore.  I thought that I already learned them all through online research and watching YouTube financial videos.  But I was wrong.

When I Started Investing
The college education plan, which my sister had for me, was a big help in college.  At the age of 18, I got my first insurance from a reputable insurance company and in addition to that, got my pension plan at age 23, which I received the pension lump sum few years of investing.  Then I have a fully paid house, 2 investments with insurance and a small aquaculture business.  I really thought that I know finances and investments.

But, I was mistaken.  I was not aware of how much should I really be spending premiums or benefits for my insurance, where and what to invest in.  Maybe, I’m just like you who don’t bother to read what was inside the insurance and investment contracts.  It turned out that I really need more knowledge on it.

Learning Investments in Canada
Having my existing small portfolios on hand, I made sure that I have my insurance and investment options when I arrive in Canada.  I talked to my sister in Toronto and luckily she arranged a Financial Adviser to discuss Canadian financial education.

Thinking that I knew everything, I was hesitant to hear the options and other investment options in Canada.  As soon as we reached the middle of the discussion, I felt the interest and my eyes go wider, shoulder and head go nearer to the speaker.  I was surprised to hear new information about it.  Although some are familiar to me, but most of it were new.

The discussion taught me these things:
Options on where to invest our Settlement Funds
Where and how to invest to get the higher rate of return
How to protect our current income
Planning for Children's College Education 
How to prepare when we live longer than expected
Financial analysis

These were the lessons that I had put in mind until now.  It changed the way I handle money in Canada and how to have a lifestyle that fits my income.

After the meeting with the Adviser,  I got my first insurance in Canada to protect my family when I die sooner.

After a few months, I started investing in government savings plan, my retirement, and my children’s college education.  I was grateful to learn those things few weeks after arriving in Canada.  It helped me a lot to be a better financial manager to my family.

That is why I like to share this with you.  Open up your options by getting whatever knowledge you need especially when you have just arrived in Canada.

Please be aware that you should only listen to a licensed financial adviser in Canada. When it comes to financing, of course, you can get inputs from your relatives and friends but not rely on them 100%.  It’s similar to going to a doctor when you are sick or seek for health options.  They’re the only one licensed to do that.

Be Financially Educated
Financial Advisers in Canada are highly regulated.  They are regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Ontario. 

I made an arrangement with the Ontario Financial Advisers so they can conduct a financial literacy to you in Toronto.  They will explain and teach you about investments, how to compute for the proper income protection and where to invest for a higher rate of return.

Click this link to reserve a date and time for your financial literacy.

Listen to the Advisers and decide what is the right option for you.  The future of your family is in your hands. Prepare for it. You alone can make a difference.  

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28 April 2016

MM2C Cherry Blossoms MEET-UP Toronto 2016

On April 09, I organized a meet-up, which I named "MM2C Spring Meet-up 2016".  The meet-up started at 3:00pm and ended at 7pm in a cafe located in Scarborough.  We met with 5 families, consisting of 10 adults and 6 children.

We were engaged in a warm conversation exchanging  experiences and tips with the new immigrants, who were also excited to reach new friends in Canada.

We had photos during that event and will be shared to those who attended. It will be posted in the exclusive MM2C Facebook page.

What's Next?
Due to the success of the Spring Meet-up, I am now organizing a new meet-up and it will be during the Cherry Blossoms season.

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura), for those who don't know, is when the Japanese cherry tree produces a lot of flowers during the spring season.  The view of pinkish colored flowers is spectacular, which you wouldn't want to miss.

If you are interested in joining us help support our new immigrants and our MM2C group while viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms, please register here for more details of the event. 

We can share our experiences, moral support, and important immigration information that can help us settle in Canada smoothly.

Please click the link or the banner below and it'll bring you to the Google form registration page. 


Let's have some FUN!
Ben Alagnam - MeMovingToCanada